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Comment And Forum Moderation

Community 102’s moderators support fans with information and more importantly a “face” to immediately alleviate concerns and reduce potential damage to your brand’s integrity.


Comment and Forum Moderation

Do you have online communities within your owned and operated website? Whether its forums or a blog that allows comments, Community 102 can assist in any language. We offer automated technology, human moderators, or a combination of both to meet your companies needs and budget. Our automated tools work 24/7/365 while our human moderators can be targeted to work at specific timeframes to maximize and combat activity levels. For those with high activity around the clock though, human moderators are also available 24/7/365, working during the night, on the weekends, and over holidays at no extra cost.

Platform Agnostic

Our moderators and automated technology are both platform agnostic, meaning no matter what platform powers your community, from off the shelf to custom built solutions, we can seamlessly integrate and get to work. Before we start though, we like to review your entire platform and tell you what else you can be doing or should be using. We’ll tell you of any settings you can change within your 3rd party technology or we will identify any moderation features you can improve on within your custom built platforms. We’re here to share our knowledge in the social media and digital technology space to foster a long running relationship with you and for you in return to create an even strong relationship with your fans.

Automated Technology Features

Our automated technology for comment moderation is the most comprehensive in the social media space. All comments feed into our interface where things gets approved, flagged or marked for escalation back to the client. We can respond to, read comments, and filter for hit listed words in any language. All clients get our default word list that includes the most commonly used and deleted vulgar terms, profanity, or drug or alcohol related terminology. Our system stands apart from others in that we even have a second default list which encompasses words that generally get flagged or removed but are actually acceptable, i.e. the word assume, which usually gets flagged because of the letters a-s-s. Our word filter doesn’t just stop with embedded words either, it catches misspellings, repeated characters, and extra spaces, amongst other situations. Both of these lists are fully customizable, too, so know that you have complete control over what you allow and what you don’t.

Customer Interaction

Your customers don’t always keep the same business hours as your company and without proper round the clock moderation in place, a simple unanswered question can create a frustrated customer. Just one disgruntled customer is all you need to give other potential customers a bad first impression about your products or brand. Community 102’s moderators can support your fans with information, links, or contacts to immediately alleviate their concerns and ultimately reduce potential damage to your brand’s integrity. Sometimes just letting your consumers know that you are there, that you care, and that you are listening to them makes all the difference.

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Why C102 Forum Moderation?

  • Add ‘human’ element to customer service
  • Around the clock and any language 
  • Human and automated options
  • Saves internal time and resources

C102 Can Work With Any Platform

Disqus 100%
Livefyre 100%
Echo 100%
Intense Debate 100%
Jive 100%
Lithium 100%

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