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We manage your Facebook page to eliminate spam and trolls, respond to users, provide sales leads and keep a positive brand experience.


Facebook Moderation and Management

Facebook is a platform where fans become brand evangelists. It’s where they get advice from other fans or get needed customer support. They can find out where to buy products or receive exclusive offers, and they can sign up for contests, too. More importantly though, a brand’s interactions with its fans can make or break a brand faster than all of the cool ideas that a brand’s social media team comes up with. For all of you who say to yourself that there isn’t enough time in the day to interact with all of or even a quarter of your fans, you haven’t met Community102 yet.

Spam and trolls are commonly found across Facebook pages and its easy to remove their posts and bans these users. What do you do though when customers post messages saying how much they love your brand or on the contrary, are attacking it and saying how unhappy they are? Do you respond to them or ignore them altogether? Community 102 believes its imperative that you respond to both types of posts. Showing someone you care, whether by thanking them for their kind words or by addressing their concerns, increases consumer happiness, which is one of the main goals of your company in the first place. Additionally, each like or comment your users post and you subsequently respond to immediately multiplies the number of people you reach since these posts appear in their news feed for all of their friends to see.

With our automated services, all Facebook posts, images, and videos feed into our platform where they are given a plus or minus rating and then sorted into queues for moderation or further escalation. All items are scored by sentiment as well. At the end of the reporting period, client’s receive a very easy to read infographic that displays all of our findings. In addition to responding to fan messages and posts, our automated moderation tools and human moderators are able to feed sales leads to the appropriate contact at your organization. Use social media to the maximum by capitalizing on leads that come in through your Facebook page.

Human and Automated Facebook Moderation Options

Community 102’s human moderators and automated moderation services free you and your internal team members up for higher priority objectives while ensuring that your Facebook page is monitored, and fans responded to, around the clock. We don’t charge extra if you need us outside of business hours either, whether it’s a shift over the weekend, at 2am midweek, or during a holiday. Whether your SLA is for four hours per day or twenty-four hours a day, we work with you to determine your needs and customize our responses to your fans so we match your agreed upon brand voice. To find out more information about our Facebook moderation and management services, give us a call!

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C102 Facebook Moderation

  • Remove posts and ban or track users
  • Sentiment reporting 
  • Automated and human options
  • Respond to fans/provide sales leads

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