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Multiple languages, protecting minors, setting up standardization policies, and being there for our clients in their greatest time of need are some of the many things that set Community 102 apart.



Crisis Management

Social media has become a vehicle for people to express themselves to a wide audience without fear of repercussion for what they say. Just because people are free to voice their opinions and post content freely, it doesn’t mean that it can’t negatively harm your brand. You need to be even more diligent and have a team in place to monitor your online communities. Otherwise, what was a great idea, a place for your fans to interact with one another and be brand evangelists, could turn into a public relations nightmare. While we have listed below some of the main things that we think you should be aware of, there are many more situations that can quickly escalate into a brand crisis. To discuss your current issues or any potential concerns, and find out more about how we can help, please contact us. We’d love to listen and be of assistance.

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Guidelines & Policy

When you launch a product, you also launch the community that grows around it. However, creating and fostering an online community requires strategic planning and firmly established community management services. A company must create enforceable guidelines and policies for managing their online community so that each user understands and abides by the same regulations. It is also equally important that every moderator address every fan in a consistent manner. Without these guidelines in place, users might take advantage to post as they please, with no consequence for their actions and no regard for the detrimental effect it can have on your brand. Nobody understands this better than Community 102. If you don’t have community guidelines or terms of service already in place, or if you just think you need to revisit your rules and regulations, Community 102 can help.

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Kid Safety

Social media is another outlet for children to explore and educate. Although they can do so in the privacy of their own home doesn’t mean a parent or a company can be any less vigilant about watching over them. From giving out too much personal information to being targeted or harassed by adults or even other classmates, it is our responsibility to protect them and that’s where Community 102 comes in.

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Community 102 understands that the conversation around your brand and products spans the globe. Our multilingual moderation services means that no matter what language is most prevalent in your community you can still be protected around the clock. If you have communities in more than one language, using Community 102 consolidates your vendor list to make oversight even simpler, too.

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Other Community 102 Services

Moderation Services

Community 102 comment moderation is your best defense against any kind of malicious activity, unruly fans, spam, protecting minors, and preventing copyrighted materials from appearing on your platforms. Our community moderators are highly trained individuals who work separately or in combination with automated tools and filters to give your company the quality oversight it needs to continually succeed.

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Hyper Local Services

Are you a small business owner or a company with multiple locations, including franchises? If so, a great way for you to gain new business or receive feedback is through hyper local reviews. Community 102 offers a comprehensive solution that helps you manage these reviews, encourages people to write new reviews, and also saves people’s information into your database, all in collaboration with Yelp and Google+.

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Social Media Services

The Community 102 team are experts in social media. We study your customer base, identify trends, and learn about your vision before using our research to develop a customized social media community management plan. No two company’s are identical and hence we provide flexible, tailored options. We offer a variety of services from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support to social sales leads and sentiment reporting.

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