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We work with clients to reduce our rates with year long agreements. We ask for a minimum of 1 hour per shift.

Description Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
• Moderators $30 per hour $28 per hour $25 per hour Contact Us
• Hours Per Day 1 to 3 hours per day 4 to 8 hours per day 9 to 12 hours per day 13+ hours per day
• Management Fee $250 per month $500 per month $750 per month Contact Us
• Set Up Fee $2,500 one time fee per site $2,000 one time fee per site $1,500 one time fee per site Contact Us
• Weekends
• Holidays
• Off Hours



We are platform agnostic. We have worked on Facebook to full custom builds.

Description Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
• Social Networks
• Your Sites
• Partner Sites
• Virtual Worlds
• TV
• Live Streams
• In Game
• Brand Pages
• Comments
• Blogs
• Message Boards
• User Generated Content
• Live Chat
• Fan Pages



We perform any type of moderation or community management that you need.

Description Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
• Proactive
• Reactive
• Delete Content
• Edit Content
• Warnings
• Banning
• Client Notification Of Off Brand Remarks
• Illegal Activity



All of our reporting can by created custom to suit our customer needs.

Description Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
• Qualitative Summary
• Problems / Issues
• Top 3 Topics
• Member Count
• Removed Threads
• Edited Threads
• Edited Comments
• Bans
• Suspensions
• Warnings
• DMCA Notifications
• Customer Service Messages

* Prices based on monthly pricing with no long term commitment.** Increased discounts for yearly commitments.*** The monthly management fee scales with the amount of work we do together.**** Hours/Day can be scheduled in 1-hour segments. For example, a 12-hour package could be executed in hour-long moderation sessions every other hour for more frequent coverage.

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