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Let the Community 102 team be your first line of communication and defense with your fans to help strengthen your social media communities.



Community 102 Does Social Media Moderation

Do you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, or a YouTube Page? Maybe you have an Instagram account, Google+ account or a Pinterest page. Do you publish content hourly, daily, weekly or just monthly? How active are your fans in these platforms? Do you get hundreds of responses to a post or do people randomly post comments or questions unrelated to things you have published? No matter how busy your community is on these or other third party platforms, Community 102 can help.

Community 102’s human moderators and automated moderation tools can be of great assistance no matter what your needs are on these platforms. We can provide you guidance to foster growth in your communities. We are able to monitor conversations and eliminate spam, obscenities, and copyrighted materials. We can provide customers and fans with support and get them the answers they need, or just send a quick note thanking them for liking your posts or your brand. We can send sales leads to the appropriate contact at your company. We also provide our clients with reports that detail the latest happenings in their communities, from number of fans week to week to trending topics or sentiment, as well as the number of bans or warnings issued since the last report. We save you time from having to compile a report for your internal team. Let the Community 102 team be your first line of communication and defense with your fans to help strengthen your social media communities.

Why Use Community 102’s Automated Moderation Tools?

Community 102 has found the perfect partnership in Appen’s Social Instinct. Utilizing Appen’s social media technology with Community 102’s human social media moderators, our clients have the best tools at their disposal for managing their online communities. Social Instinct plugs into the clients social media platform and is able to process large amounts of user-generated content quickly and efficiently, 24/7/365. All content pulls up into a custom dashboard for each client, where our moderators then review any content that has been marked by the system as needing further review. From analyzing copy, images, or videos, to tracking users history and analyzing sentiment in the community, Social Instinct does it all. It even allows us to send our clients weekly reports in Infographic format, making it easy and enjoyable to read and analyze what has transpired in your community. Pretty cool, huh? Want to learn more, give us a call!

Customer Interaction

Your customers don’t always keep the same business hours as your company and without proper round the clock moderation in place, a simple unanswered question can create a frustrated customer. Just one disgruntled customer is all you need to give other potential customers a bad first impression about your products or brand. Community 102’s moderators can support your fans with information, links, or contacts to immediately alleviate their concerns and ultimately reduce potential damage to your brand’s integrity. Sometimes just letting your consumers know that you are there, that you care, and that you are listening to them makes all the difference.

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C102 Social Media Moderation

  • Human and automated options
  • Any social media platform
  • Remove posts or respond to fans
  • Infographic reporting option

C102 Works On Your Platforms

Facebook 100%
Twitter 100%
Google+ 100%
Yelp 100%
Pinterest 100%
YouTube 100%

Other Community 102 Moderation Services

Comment and Forum Moderation

Do you have online communities within your owned and operated website? Whether its forums or a blog that allows comments, Community 102 can assist in any language. We offer automated technology, human moderators, or a combination of both to meet your companies needs and budget. Our automated tools work 24/7/365 while our human moderators can be targeted to work at specific timeframes to maximize and combat activity levels.

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Hyper Local Moderation Services

Are you a small business owner or a company with multiple locations, including franchises? If so, a great way for you to gain new business or receive feedback is through hyper local reviews. Community 102 offers a fantastic comprehensive solution that helps you manage these reviews, encourages people to write new reviews, and also saves people’s information into your database, all in collaboration with Yelp and Google+.

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