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With customized social media moderation policies, responses in your brand voice, human and automated options, and reporting and sentiment tracking, Community 102 delivers consistency across all of your social media communities.


Social Media Moderation

Do you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, or a YouTube Page? Maybe you have an Instagram account, Google+ account or a Pinterest page. Do you publish content hourly, daily, weekly or just monthly? How active are your fans in these platforms? Do you get hundreds of responses to a post or do people randomly post comments or questions unrelated to things you have published? Our human moderators and automated moderation tools can be of great assistance. No matter what your needs are or how busy your community is, Community 102 can help.

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Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook is a platform where fans become brand evangelists. It’s where they get advice from other fans or get needed customer support. They can find out where to buy products or receive exclusive offers, and they can sign up for contests, too. More importantly though, a brand’s interactions with its fans can make or break a brand faster than all of the cool ideas that a brand’s social media team comes up with. For all of you who say to yourself that there isn’t enough time in the day to interact with all of or even a quarter of your fans, you haven’t met Community102 yet.

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Social Media Management

When you launch a product you want to take advantage of social media, but you also want to preserve your brand and product integrity. Your customers don’t stop discussing your products on the weekends, holidays, or when you close shop for the day. Social network management is expensive and time consuming because of the level of maintenance required. Community 102 will create a comprehensive social media management plan that is affordable, integrates into your platform, and continues the live two-way conversation your business needs 24 hours a day.

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Social Customer Support

One of the most vital aspects to preserving your brand integrity is a good customer support program. Interactions with users who are either current or potential customers are what shape public perception of your brand. Community 102’s moderated customer support allows your brand to engage with users to get them the answers they need and the attention they desire. Community 102 features moderator services across all social network platforms and even has multilingual moderators for when your brand goes international.

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Social Sales Leads

Do you use social media to generate new business or simply as another channel for customer support? Maybe you post about the ways to use your product or you just put up humorous or informational items. If your team isn’t currently using it as a vehicle to generate sales leads your company is losing a huge potential revenue source. With Community 102’s human moderators and automated social media tools, we help you capitalize on leads that come through your social media platforms to turn expressions of interest into actual sales.

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Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring represents yesterday’s clipping service, customer complaint hotline and suggestion box rolled into one. However, monitoring your brand across every online community is a time consuming task. Community 102 understands that you may not have the time nor the manpower or expertise to fully watch your brand online. So let the Community 102 team be your eyes and ears to track, respond to, and then report back to you with their observations and recommendations across any platform.

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Community 102 Covered Platforms




Moderation Services

Community 102 comment moderation is your best defense against any kind of malicious activity, unruly fans, spam, protecting minors, and preventing copyrighted materials from appearing on your platforms. Our community moderators are highly trained individuals who work separately or in combination with automated tools and filters to give your company the quality oversight it needs to continually succeed.

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Hyper Local Services

Are you a small business owner or a company with multiple locations, including franchises? If so, a great way for you to gain new business or receive feedback is through hyper local reviews. Community 102 offers a comprehensive solution that helps you manage reviews, encourages people to write new reviews, and also saves people’s information into your database, all in collaboration with Yelp and Google+.

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Community Management Services

Communities are no longer solely on a company’s website. Today they are on owned and operated websites, within forums, and across other technology platforms as well. You need a plan that expands your entire platform so no matter where your customers encounter your brand and its products, they are greeted with consistent social network management and community moderation in your brand voice.

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