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Social Sales Leads

Community 102 help’s your business capitalize on new leads that come in through your social media platforms to turn expressions of interest into actual sales.


Social Sales Leads

Do you currently use social media to generate new business or is it simply used primarily as another channel for customer support? Maybe you post about the ways to use your product or you just put up humorous or informational items. If your sales team isn’t currently using it as a vehicle to generate sales leads though then your company is losing out on a huge potential revenue source. With Community 102’s human moderators and automated social media tools, we help you capitalize on all of the new leads that come through your social media platforms to turn expressions of interest into actual sales.

Whether you use our human and/or automated moderation services, Community 102 is a great medium for dispersing sales leads to our clients. When people post messages on your platforms asking for information on where or how to buy your products, we send them the link to your online page or phone number, or for more advanced services, feed those referrals to the person of your choice at your company. This is just one more great service that Community 102 provides at no additional cost for its clients.

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Why C102 Social Sales Support?

  • New potential revenue source
  • Send purchasing info to customers
  • Can feed referrals to specific employee(s)

Other Community 102 Services

Moderation Services

Community 102 comment moderation is your best defense against any kind of malicious activity, unruly fans, spam, protecting minors, and preventing copyrighted materials from appearing on your platforms. Our community moderators are highly trained individuals who work separately or in combination with automated tools and filters to give your company the quality oversight it needs to continually succeed.

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Social Media Services

The Community 102 team are experts in social media. We study your customer base, identify trends, and learn about your vision before using our research to develop a customized social media community management plan. No two company’s are identical and hence we provide flexible and tailored options. We offer a wide variety of services from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support to social sales leads and sentiment reporting.

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Hyper Local Services

Are you a small business owner or a company with multiple locations, including franchises? If so, a great way for you to gain new business or receive feedback is through hyper local reviews. Community 102 offers a fantastic comprehensive solution that helps you manage these reviews, encourages people to write new reviews, and also saves people’s information into your database, all in collaboration with Yelp and Google+.

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Community Management Services

Communities are no longer solely on a company’s website. Today they are spread across owned and operated websites, within forums, and across other technology platforms as well. Hence, you need a plan that expands your entire platform so no matter where your customers encounter your brand and its products, they are greeted with consistent social network management and community moderation in your brand voice.

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