Online Community Management & Moderation


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  • Community Moderation

    Got trolls? A disgruntled customer? Users posting malicious content to your platform? Community 102 is here to mitigate the risks and limit any kind of liabilty that could potentially harm your brand and business.

  • Social Media Management

    Community 102 will create a comprehensive social media management plan that is affordable, integrates into your platform, and continues the live two-way conversation your business needs 24 hours a day.

  • Brand Monitoring

    Community 102 understands the importance of brand integrity. Our cross-platform brand monitoring solutions provide you with the upper hand you need to effectively safeguard your company’s reputation.

  • An online community has many benefits. It provides an opportunity to be engaged in direct dialogue and interaction with your current and potential customers and users that want to associate with your brand, but there are risks to this kind of exposure. Community 102 is here to mitigate these risks and to limit any kind of liability that could potentially harm your brand and business. Community 102 social media moderation is your best defense against any kind of malicious activity, unruly fans, spam, protecting minors, and preventing copyrighted materials from appearing on your platforms.

  • With Community 102, you pay only for what you need. We offer scalable moderation and help you ban trolls that could be destructive to your community. Left unmoderated even a single troll can cause great harm on your social media site. With either proactive or reactive brand monitoring capabilities, Community 102 can reduce your risk and ban trolls from your online community.

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